We have taken the traditional franchise business model apart and build something unique. A virtual franchise is a next-generation franchise business, where the biggest issues of the traditional model have been modernized. The virtual franchise is the newest and most beneficial way of starting a business. Everything will be done online, which makes it tens of times cheaper to start and operate.



It’s similar to running traditional franchise, expect the rules aren’t so strict. And the best part is, we will teach you the needed entrepreneurship skills, which makes it possible for everyone. We will give you the instructions and some rules on how to run the business, but you are allowed to make changes and improvements according to your needs. Instructions are straightforward to make starting a business process fast and easy. Nothing too complicated, and easily possible for everyone. 


Lecil has worked 19 years, to make a name for ourselves. Our mission is accomplished, and Lecil is trusted by thousands of people in States. Since 2017, we have been actively expanding, by becoming available in Great Britain and Australia. Now it’s time to expand even more, with you. We will give you tools, and instructions to run your own business under our known and trusted brand. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow together with leading brand.


Enlarge your pension.


Fund your studies.


Pay off debts.


Be your own boss.


Worry less.

From start to success in 3 steps



Setting up your business is easy because we will do the most work for you. In a straightforward start, we will give you guides and detailed instructions on what needs to be done. Since we are taking care of most of the things, like web & payment platforms, you don’t even need to register a local company. You can start instantly, without any complex paperwork. 



Marketing of any business has to be done right. We will teach you how to cost-effectively use most popular marketing platforms, like Facebook ads, and Google ads. Our marketing specialist will be online 24/7 to make sure all marketing campaigns are working efficiently. 



Our financial advisor will help you with maximizing income and minimizing costs. We will do the math for you, and all your earnings will be directly paid to your bank account. In this option, we will also teach you how to automize advertisements, to start generating passive income.

Dedicated team is there for you 24/7

Mentor/Teacher – Business Starting & Running Tips & Secrets

LinkedIn | [email protected]

Mentor/Teacher – Successful Online Marketing Campaigns Secrets

LinkedIn | [email protected]

Manager – Financials & Legal Side Professionally Taken Care Of

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What is Lecil Virtual Franchise?

Virtual Franchise gives everyone a chance to start a business. Lecil will provide you with a business plan, marketing strategies, web & payment platforms, legal management, and lets you operate under Lecil brand. The business plan has been proven to work – You can become a franchisee with confidence. If you follow the instructions and guides step by step, it’s almost impossible not to succeed.

What is Lecil?

Since the year 2000, Lecil has been private funds management company. Lecil has developed distinctive trading strategies to earn the best returns on investments. Lecil continues to manage funds today for private investors. Since 2018, Lecil has been expanding in size and in business strategies. Lecil’s goal is to make success possible for everyone, and with this message, Lecil franchise was born.

What does franchisees sell & offer?

Franchise business model is different from the main Lecil business. Franchisees will be mainly selling e-learning courses on how to succeed financially. The income will be generated mostly thanks to partner companies, which Lecil is affiliated with. More details about the business plan are available here.

Who can become a franchisee?

Since we will teach you how to run and manage a business, it’s possible for almost everyone to become a franchise. You will learn useful skills which can be used outside of Lecil franchise. Only requirement we have right now – You have to be at least 18 years old to become a franchisee.

I'm a senior, is it hard to start?

No, it’s not hard. We have made straightforward guides on how to start the franchise business. Even though it’s mostly online business, it’s easily intelligible even for senior citizens. In fact, most of our franchisees are seniors, looking for extra activities and pension extra.

Do I have to pay to start?

Yes, sadly, it’s something which can’t be given away for free. We will put our brand reputation in line & can’t let everyone freely start it. But compared to traditional franchise businesses, starting costs are tens, if not hundreds of times smaller. We guarantee it’s affordable for everyone who is deeply interested in running a successful business.

How big are the running costs?

Running costs depends almost fully on you, and how much do you want to spend on marketing. The marketing spend amount will also directly link to your earnings amount. As extra to marketing costs, there is small franchisee fee & web platforms hosting and management fees.

Do I have to register a local company?

It’s up to you how do you want to operate. Registering a company is not required since you can operate under our company. We can pay your earnings directly to your bank account, you just need to make sure to pay taxes off it. There are different legal options, how to declare your earnings, and our financial expert will find the perfect fit for you.

How long will it take to turn in profit?

It depends mostly on you, and how much time you put in it. If you follow our guides and instructions, it’s possible to turn in profit already in the second month of operating.

How to start?

Go to GET STARTED page and follow instructions on the website, or write our support team, email: [email protected] or on Facebook Lecil Investments. You can also call us on +1 213-269-4897